Large craft tables

Venture Horizon Project table and craft work space

Fabric cutting table

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The Project  Center office furniture and hobby station. This great sized Craft Table is perfect to cut fabric without having to bend over, it is counter height and sturdy enough for your sewing machine and tools. It is great for scrapbooking, crafts, hobbies, ideal for large projects, or just needing a large counter top, cutting out quilts or sewing patterns, the Project Center is just the perfect large work space. This is the craft table for you, no more bending over the kitchen table. 

Venture Horizon Large Craft and work table

Project Center

Venture Horizon Craft Table Workstation

Venture Horizon Craft Table with 2 3bin cabinetsVenture Horizon Craft Table with 2 3bin cabinets
Venture Horizon Project Center Craft desk with storageVenture Horizon Project Center Craft desk with storage
Project Table with 2 bookcasesProject Table with 2 bookcases
Project Center Drawers set of 3Project Center Drawers set of 3
Craft storage book caseCraft storage book case
Cubby Wall Mount Media Storage CabinetCubby Wall Mount Media Storage Cabinet
Large Project Center Book CaseLarge Project Center Book Case
Craft Island Work SpaceCraft Island Work Space

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