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Washi tape storage

Now in Stock, the new Ribbon Spooler, and Washi tape Organizer and Dispenser system by Best Craft Organizer. Easy to wind up your ribbon as well as decorative tape and store in convenient and portable compartments. And the best part of all is they fit in the BestCraft Organizer Mini Stackable cabinets. The trays will fit side by side in either the 2" drawer or the 3.5" mini stackable scrapbook furniture storage drawers. The dispenser will hold approximately 1 yard of heavy velvet, 2-3 yards of grosgrain and up to 5 yards of organza and the widest ribbon is 3/4". See descriptions below for tape dispenser

Ribbon Spooler and storage

Ribbon Storage and Washi tape storage

You tube Washi Tape dispense

Check out the new Washi Tape dispenser 

BestCraft Storage

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