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  1. Here is my weekend project, I wanted a shelf above my TV and just wasn't sure what I wanted then I came across some different styles on Pinterest. I wanted rustic so the ones I found were for the most part made out of old pallets but I didn't have any pallets and I didn't want quite that rustic so I just went to Lowes and bought 1 1X6 1 2x4 and 1 1x4 and started cutting them in different lengths. The best part about this shelf and them most fun was the distressing of the wood. I got some great ideas off the internet, my favorite idea that I found was from this web site

    he has some great ideas on how to distress wood, my favorite was using the large screw and hammering it into the wood, it looks great after you apply your stain. The whole project only took a few hours, other than letting the stain dry it went pretty fast. It measures about 43" by 20" at the largest point.

  2. I am always fighting with my phone charger and it being in the way. I have my charging sitting on my ironing board, it just happens to be the most convenient place when I am getting ready for work but then I need to use the ironing board, (I am not one of those that irons stuff ahead of time, I wait and iron as I go, my mother would not be very proud of me), anyway, then I need to unplug my charger and find another outlet, and it will be out of the way but then I know I will leave for work and forget my phone. I am a creature of habit. So I found this great idea to make an easy holder. It only took me about 15 minutes to make and I think it is kind of cute, plus serves my purpose, so 2 thumbs up, practical and efficient.

    So here are the super easy instructions

    Cut a piece of cardstock 2" by 11", be sure to use cardstock and not just scrapbook paper

    The order in which you do the next two steps doesn't really matter, but you want to cut a square in the top and bottom of the cardstock strip. I have a square punch so I just used the 1 1/4" punch side and punched them both at the same time.

    Now you want to make a score line at the 5" mark and the 6" mark, this will be where the phone sits, to using the 5 and 6" mark will center the holder. Fold on the score lines, then lay flat again.

    Now you are done, you can decorate your holder anyway you like. I had decorative buttons, and I used sand paper the beach look. Once everything is dry, just glue the top above where the cut out is. Don't glue the sides. Let dry then you are ready to hang your phone in it's new home
    Super fast and easy

  3. I can't say that I have ever gotten excited about egg cartons before but this time I have. I love the egg cartons Costo uses. We raise our own chickens so we don't buy eggs, but my friends save me their cartons and I fill them up for them. One of my friends brought me these awesome cartons from Costco

    Now you might just think they are just cartons, but take the eggs out and you have an awesome craft container, too good to store eggs in.
     Just cut the carton in half and use the lid for a paint container

    They are perfect for paints, the center is a wide open space, so you can put your brushes, colored pencils, sponges etc in the middle and pour your paints in the egg holder then take the whole thing to where you are working on your project. This is great for kids to use because you can use little amounts of paint even fill one of the resevoirs with water to clean your brush. When you are done you can just throw it out or rinse and use again.

    They are also great to organize you craft and jewelry beads and embellishments. The only thing is the little egg resevoirs have a dip in them, (I marked the tape so you could see it a little better) since these are clear it really hard to photograph
     So I took some clear packing tape and ran a strip along side to cover the dip, now they are ready to use to fill with beads, and whatever small items you want to fill them with. I used the bottom of the carton in some of my drawers so you can see how well they fit and put some brads and buttoms in them

    I think there are lots of possibilities for these egg cartons, and what is better than craft storage for free??

    This is one of the many possibilities you can create starting with the Kaiser Craft chalk board base 

    ust add some burlap, a wood letter and a wooden button for the front, along with your favorite paint color, and the front is done. For the back you just need to paint the chalk board wood liner and then use the enclosed hinges and you are done. Or for an easier DIY project, we will supply you with everything you need, (except the base paint) we will paint the chalk board for you. Kit includes burlap, button knob, chalk board and the letter of your choice. The complete kit, ready to do it yourself is only $18.99, or we will complete it for you as shown above for $24.99
    email us for details on ordering the kit
    then go wild with your ideas, vinyl, flowers, stamps etc so many possibilities.

  5. Here is an ideas for a front door pincone and burlap wreath hanger. The wreath is just the small 12" hanger

  6. It is a beautiful "summer" day outside, and it is September but I know the cold weather is just around the corner which made me start thinking about the holidays, I know, I hate thinking about the holidays this early. I am a procrastinator, I would rather wait until the middle of December to start thinking about what I am going to do. So I decided to work on one of the Kaiser Craft Christmas projects just for fun, then I can say I have started my holiday decorating and impress everyone. The stores have lots of their holiday stuff out already. I went into Hobby Lobby the other day and it was full of Christmas decor. 

    I chose this Christmas Countdown Tree because it would be a fast project and I wanted to work on the KaiserCraft items, they have some really fun projects and as you can see when you click on the images and open them up, there are lots of ideas on how to decorate them. You can add your own style with lots of colors and embellishments to make it truly your own creations.

    We sell the unfinished Kaiser Craft kits but if you see something you like and don't really want to finish it yourself, then we are happy and excited to do it for you. We love crafting so we are here to help. Just email us to give us an idea on what you are looking for then we can give you a quote. We have about a 1 week turnaround time on custom or personalized items.

    Now to the Christmas Tree Advent Calendar, this project was first painted, I used a soft green for the back of the tree and then I used Christmas paper from My Minds Eye and just modge podged the paper onto the tree. I also used Christmas paper from the same collection to modge podge onto the wood tags. Then I cut out the vinyl and added it to the face of the tree. There are 2 sets of hooks included with this kit, one set for the front to hang the numbers on and another set to hang the extra numbers on the back for storage, great idea, then I won't lose them. So pretty simple. Why not give some of Chandler Creations DIY kits a try, they also make great Christmas gifts, finished and unfinished, or let us do it for you.

  7. It is back to school this morning, in our neck of the woods, school started today for many of the area schools and that only means fall is not too far behind. I love the fall weather to come but I don’t want to think about summer being over, all the fun summertime activities, camping, swimming, bbq’s all over for another year, how sad. Actually we have a couple of months left of nice weather so hopefully there are a few activities we can squeeze in. But in the meantime I was thinking, in the back of my mind, about Fall decorating so I was looking around on the internet and one of my favorite places to look is on the Wood Connection web site for wood pieces to paint, and decorate for each season. They have all kinds of fun things to do. I came across these cute fall pieces,  great to put on an entry table or shelf. 

    I have done a picture tutorial to show how I did my BLESS letters and show how to Mod Podge wood letters or anything wood, pretty easy but sometimes it nice to have step by step pics.

  8. I wanted a simple layout of one of our grandkids and it had to be fairly fast so this is what I came up with. I used the papers from Paper Wishes paper pack, so they all co-ordinate, and I love their paper books, they always have such great colors and matching papers, takes the guess work out and sometimes I just need something fast. I also used the wood spirals from KaiserCrafts, love their wood accent pieces too. If you find yourself looking for something specific from Kaiser Crafts, let us know we are now a retailer for Kaiser Crafts in the USA

    Keep in mind the best craft organizers are the ones that are easy to get to, unlike the plastic cases that are usually tucked away somewhere and you have to drag them out. The Best Craft Organizer cabinets are now on sale so it is a great time to get yourself organized with beautiful cabinets that are also really functional and have a large capacity to hold your craft items and store lots and lots of scrapbook paper,

  9. I wanted to share another Kaiser Craft kit before and after project. I love these kits because you can do anything with them and they match your style. We all need more craft storage, at least I can always use more, but don't have alot of room for too much more and these kits are a nice size with lots of capacity and the best part is they are so cute, especially after you add all your embellishments. Here is the Kaiser Craft Wall Planner kit before and after pic. I just used paper I already had, this paper was from a Paper Wishes tablet, and some embellishements then I made the black and white flower from an svg cut file I already had. I am thinking about adding a few hooks on the front for my keys but I want to find just the right hooks before I do.

  10. We are so excited to now carry the Kaiser Craft Beyond the Page finish it yourself craft storage units. Just add a little paint, paper and embellishments and you have a beautiful fun art piece to hold your craft storage. See what we mean:

    See some of the other craft storage units HERE
  11. I wanted to refresh my vegetable bin cabinet for sometime now and also wanted to try the new chalk paints that are everywhere so this was the perfect oportunity to do both. I love the fact that you don't even need to sand your projects when using chalk paint so I just cleaned up my veggie bin and got started. I removed all the hardware and just started to paint, is turned out to be a pretty fast project. I put the red coat of paint on then let it dry then I used an alcohol ink to antique it a bit, then put the wax coat on, and the part I really liked was the alcohol ink really blended into the red when I applied the wax so I got a really smooth effect, not a blotchy look. I did go over the whole cabinet, just a bit, with a light sand paper to give the edges and corners a distressed look.  I bought some new hardware handles and I painted the hinges black, so I didnt have to buy any more and redrill holes. 
  12. I needed a simple thank you gift and something inexpensive so I went to Michaels 
  13. It seems January is the time to get organized and I with that information I came across some great ideas. One of my favorite craft organizer ideas came from Iheartorganizing.blogspot. She used empty cereal boxes, but I am sure you could use any empty box that would fit your needs and drawer space. 

    This is the after picture, but check out her blog with complete details and great photos on how to do these drawer dividers. This is going to be on the top of my list of things to do to get organized. Some of my drawers won't open because they are so messy. And these dividers are so colorful. I just love them, thanks Jen

  14. These signs are pretty easy to make. Once the burlap is printed just decorate the wood any way you like. I have lots of odds and ends of left over craft and scrapbook projects so I was able to use my left over supplies and only had to buy the top dowel. So I just typed out the saying in my Word program, made it the size I wanted, you can make them any size, then printed it out on regular paper for a test. Then I cut the piece of burlap to fit the test paper plus a little extra. Once you have your burlap cut out you will need to iron it to a piece of freezer paper. (video tutorial below) and run it through your printer. On my wood blocks I just freyed the edges some and modge pod the burlap to the block, then added decorative touched and your done. 
    I would give a little bit of advice, the larger, bolder letters work best. I tried to do some fine fonts and they didnt not work well on the burlap.
    Here is a great video on how to do this - thanks Maryann Caballero

  15. It's time to start decorating for Fall, I can't believe it is that late in the year all ready. Here in the rocky mountains the colors are changing and it is a very pretty time of year. Just like other parts of the great United States, each state has it's own showing of colors and season changes. So anyway back to the task at hand, I wanted something to add a little color to my table top and found this great video that shows you how to make this table runner in about 10 minutes. (it took me a little longer because I am creatively challenged) but with such a quick decorating idea I thought I would give it a try. Now I can't wait for the Christmas fabric to go on sale. 

    I couldn't find any buttons I really liked the wood buttons were pretty pricey so I decided I would try making my own. I have a scroll saw so I found a pattern of a maple leaf on the internet and resized it, copied it then went to work and cut it out. I think they turned out pretty good and no one would know if I didn't cut it out perfect or not, it is a leaf no two leaves are the same, perfect! my kind of craft...nothing exactly the same as the original. 

    Here is the great video tutorial on making this table runnertable-runner1

    (The colors in the photo don't even come close to doing this fabric colors justice, fabric was bought at Joanns, they have amazing colors and choices)

  16.  Turn an old window into a coat rack, repurpose

  17. I love this piece! it was done by my daughter in law and the wood was from The Wood Connections. It is cut from 2" thick wood and the lines between the stripes are from a router which adds a great texture element to the stripes. This was a simple project, it was just painted with a wash in barn red and navy blue. Originally it was for the 4th of July but we all liked it so much, it will be a part of our decor.  I am thinking about doing a couple more as gifts. Hope I can find more of the wood since this was done for the 4th.

  18. Here is the last of the wood projects I have been working on. This is a two layer wood kite. Can't say that my photo is the greatest, and I wish I would have taken a side pic so you could see the dimension. But I think it did turn out cute. The center is scrapbook paper that was modge podged on then sanded down slightly. The rest is just painted blue. The kite tail is red wire with wooden ties painted and glittered.

  19. How could I pass up doing a scrapbook layout with these two cute little guys. It is not very often I get them to sit down for a minute to take there pic, and act like they are having fun doing it, but this time they did. Since this was a camping layout I wanted to use earthy elements so I took a tree branch and sliced it really really thin on my scroll saw then added some faux moss to finish the wildenerss accent, and funny enough, the brown accents on the log pieces are where I burnt it while cutting it and I liked the look so didn't sand it down. Other than cutting the wood, this was a pretty fast layout to put together.

  20. This is the second summer wood project I have been working on. Actually this project took very little time, it took longer to get the photo posted that to complete it. It is a 2" thick piece of wood that was painted and trimmed with ribbon, then mounted on a wood candle stick dowel. the front was just a scrapbook paper saying that comes on a sheet with different sayings. I think it turned out pretty cute for such a simple wood craft project.

  21. It seems that working with wood has come back into style. Remember when the craft stores were all about tole painting on wood items? I do, I did plenty of them. Well the wood projects are certainly back in style but not tole painting, now it is using scrapbook paper and vinyl. I am getting bit again by the wood creations and I hate to admit it but I bought quite a few summer wood projects to work on. I just hope I get them done before summer is over. But I am going to give it a good try. Here is the first of several summer projects. This is the wood Flip Flop made from 2" thick wood.
    Here are the componet pieces

    and this shows the thickness of the wood, which I really like.
    All I did was trace the paper and cut it out. (I painted the wood pieces first)  I modge podged it on the flip flop then sanded off the edges. The flower and buttons were painted and glitter applied to the thong piece. Then just glued it all together. It was an easy project and fairly quick, which is what I like these days, especially since I now have several other projects to complete.

  22. Here is my Father's Day card, it was a really fast card to make which is nice because I usually wait till the last minute. But this time I didn't. I wanted something that was going to be easy and quick to put together but different than the cards shaped like a shirt, they are cute but I have used them quite a bit so I wanted something just a little different and this pattern was nice because I always give a gift card, never know what to get my dear 'ol dad so gift cards are the answer, and I think/hope that works for him.

    This pattern came from Holiday Crafts and they have a pattern you can use for the pocket and collar. Thanks Holiday Crafts, love your idea.

  23. This family monogram plaque was done with supplies from Michael's craft store. It was very inexpensive to do. It was under $8.00 and it took less than an hour to complete. I thought it was really cute and would be a good piece to hang in my family room.
    I forgot to take pics before I started the project, (I was just excited to work on it) so I took pics of the back of the pieces so you cold see what they looked like before I painted them. This project doesn't even need alot of explanation. I just painted each piece and glue them together. The only tip I would offer is to use a dry brush on the intricate piece, then the paint won't glop (is that a word??) in the open spaces. This would be a good wedding gift, pretty inexpensive so you could make this and give it along with something else if you like. I think anyone would like this project. Making it and receiving it.

  24. Here is another simple project for Valentines day. It is pretty basic but I have included a few pics to help explain. First, I found the ice cream dishes at the dollar store so this ins't an expensive craft and the candy to fill the dish will fill 2 or 3 depending on the size of the ice cream dish.

    First thing is to get a styrofoam ball that will fit the diameter of the dish you are using. I found Joanns crafts has lots to choose from. Pour your red hearts in the bottom of the dish, I think I should have added just a few more red hots. Cut the ball in half and after you have added the red hots, glue the ball around the edges so it will adhere to the side of the dish. Do not use hot glue as it will melt the styrofoam. Just use a glue such as Elmers, then go find something else to do so it will dry nicely.

    Once the glue is try you can start pinning the candy to the styrofoam ball. Very quick and easy. Just take a long straight pin, stick it through the paper on the candy and start pinning into the ball.

    Fill it in as full as you like or as full as the candy will allow. For the straws, I used a thin ink pen and poked the hole through the papers and the ball then just inserted the straw.
    Thats all there is too it. Not counting the time for the glue to dry, this project took about 15 minutes, and I think it is pretty cute!

  25. This project was a really fast and easy one, so easy that I am not even really adding directions. I purchased the 2" thick wood "and" sign from
    The Wall Clock , I just emailed them and ask them to make it for me, they will make whatever you want. Then I just modge podge scrapbook paper (after I painted it) and sanded the edges for a rough look and added the embellishments. Really really easy

  26. This isn't really a scrapbook project but I love crafting and this was one of those projects I just wanted to do. I saw a similar one at a local craft fair but of course I didn't want to spend the $40 they wanted so off to the craft store to buy some mesh. I got it at Michaels and used my 40% coupon. This was really easy to do but unfortunatley I didn't record it while I was doing it but there are lots of videos on you tube on how to make them. Just dont buy the long rolls of mesh, get the short rolls, much nicer. the long rolls make the wreath way too big and out of control, kind of like a "bad hair day" out of control.

  27. It is starting to get cold outside and the cards and decor around the house and yard reflect the season changes. Here is a super simple card to do using Cuttlebug folders and a really versital cut file from, I love their files and if you sign up for their email, you get a free cut file once a week, this was one of their free files.

    All I did for this card, is use 2 different cuttlebug folders, the Swiss dots folder and the SnowFlake folder, then on top of that I placed pop dots and added the Snow Hill cut folder and added just a little bit of Stickles on the roof for a bit of bling. Very easy and I like the look of white cards. 

  28. This birthday cash idea was the biggest hit with my grandkids, they are at the age where they would like to pick out their own gift so cash is the way to go and this idea was the best ever. I found this idea on Pinterest but didn't mark it and I tried to go back and find the original, to give credit, but I was not able to find it, so thank you to the original poster.

    I bought the medium size paint can at Michaels. I made several of these, a couple for girls and 2 for the boys. On the ones pictured I used paper from the Paper Wishes Masculine collection. I trimmed it to fit the paint can, and just rolled it and inserted it, Very easy!. For the top of the lid where the money comes out, I used my Crop-a-dile to punch the holes across the top in a straight line, it was a little jagged so I just sanded it down and it was fine. Thats all there is to making the paint can. Then I just took 20  one dollar bills and taped them together from end to end and folded them accordian style . On the first dollar bill, I made a Happy Birthday tag, the photo above is a little blurry but you get the idea, then the tag was taped to the first dollar. Also, the very last dollar bill I added another smaller tag with a message how awesome they are and a little, we love you note. As you can see from the pic above, it was a big hit and they loved it.

  29. Here is a birthday card I did using Spellbinders dies and an SVG flower cut file from SVG Cuts. I love the colors and the way it turned out. The Spellbinders I used were Lattice Rectangles, and Ironwork Motifs. The rectangle was cut and pieced together to fit under the top green and purple paper. Then the Ironwork stencil was cut in half and placed around the Happy Birthday tag. I love the flower files from SVG Cuts. They are easy to do and I brushed on a little bit of stickles glitter after completing the flower.

  30. When you just don't know what to give someone special, it is aways a hit to give cash but not just a handful of bills, try something different. Here is a Gift idea that is more fun than just a gift card when you want to give cash. It is a Money Booklet, you just "tear" out the money as you want to spend it. It is fun for the teen that really likes to get cash as gifts.
    Very easy to do, just cut heavy cardstock or lightweight grey board ( the kind that comes on the backs of tablets or in reams of paper packages), cut just slightly larger than the dollars bills you are using. Decorate how ever you would like, birthdays, holidays or just whatever. Be sure to finish it with scrapbook paper on the inside as well to give it a finished look. 
    Then take your dollars and very neatly put them between the top card board and bottom card board and center them. Next, I used clips to hold in place, you can use paper clips or whatever you have but be sure to hold them together tight. I then just glued the left end with hot glue and while the glue was still warm, I smoothed it out and pushed down on the glue so it would catch the ends of the money bills. That's all there is to it. They will love it!

  31. Now you can decorate the outside of your craft storage cabinet to match the inside of your craft space, it's that simple. Think of all the ways you can decorate your craft organizer. Here are just a few ideas. Use Scrapbook paper and modge podge. Paint the cabinet any color or combination of colors then redo in when you want a change. Or add texture and paint, so many options with your creativity. For purchasing details click here 

  32. I had fun with this layout. We went camping this summer and one of my favorite camp sites had lots of Licen growing on the ground and trees so I gathered it up. If you buy it in the store it is pretty pricy so of course I want some for free. Then I used some twigs and sticks and sliced them really thin. I wasn't concerned about the bulk with this layout because I am putting it in a shadow box frame, so bulk wasn't an issue. So this layout was just something to try that was different.
    I wanted a copy of the pic in my scrapbook so I took the tree off this layout and just added some wood accents.

  33. Here is a project I did last fall for Super Saturday, a day once a year when our church group meets together to make crafts and Christmas gifts. This was a super easy project, other than the time it takes to copy the photos and make them black and white, and print them on copy paper. 
    I used copy paper because it makes them more transparent when you modge podge them onto the wood. These wood letters are 12" tall so they are a nice size to see photos and to display. So all you need to do is paint your wood letters any color you like, I did black and white because of the black and white images I chose. If you paint your letters a color then it would be cute to just leave your photos in color. Then just cut the photos to fit the letter you want to position it on. Glue it down, then just embellish with anything you like. I used lots of my left over supplies. I used paper flowers, Brad Buddies,  some large red brads and buttons. Here are a few close up images for a little more detail.
    So tell me what you think? I would also love to see your projects.

  34. Take a look at what one customer from Washington did with her room - Awesome is the best way to describe it. She has 2 crafters desks forming an L, and her sweet husband made the punch holder - Way to go hubby! It is so nicely done and everything looks so organized, and cheerful with fun colors. There is even a place for the dog!(not seen in this photo)
    Absolutely love it! 
    The punch cabinet is really fantastic if you have a handy hubby!

  35. When I saw this photo of  my granddaughter I had to laugh, it was so hot and she just wanted to cool off. I knew this would be a scrapbook page. I used the Cricut butterflys and also some of the cut files off the internet I purchased along time ago. I really like how delicate they look. They tend to be a bit tricky to cut if you are using light weight paper so I changed to a heavier card stock and they cut great. The bling is from Recollections and I found them quite a while ago at Michaels on clearance. I guess you could say I was using up some of my old stock that has been around for awhile. 

  36. I love to do layouts of my familie's summer fun and this is no exception. There is always plent of photo ops around the backyard pool
    I used my Cuttlebug again on the letters and the background of the photo. It is the Spots and Dots folder. I also used Paper Wishes paper and Brad Buddies. The scroll work is from Kaiser Crafts and is the wood scrolls.

  37. For this card I used the Cuttlebug folders, Swiss dots and Cupcakes, the I use Spellbinders Doily Motif and Scolloped edges. The rubber stamp is a Close to My Heart stamp  I think, I don't have the packaging so I am not real sure, then I just blingged it up a bit.
  38. I needed a wedding card fast and this is what I ended up with. I have never used 2 folders on the same card so I tried it. I used the Swiss dots and I don't know the name of the other one, then I just cut out the center and on the inside I used the Bride and Groom mini folder. I think it turned out pretty nice, but the photo is pretty bad. I need to practice and figure out how to take better photos. Let me know what you think.

  39. I found this video on on how to make, almost free, scrapbook paper holders and I just had to share it, it is an awesome idea, take a look!

    For a limited time we are giving away a free Dazzle Caddy with every order over $100.00, but only if your use the code Dazzle Today in the check out promo code. The Dazzle Caddy is such a great tool for storing your Stickles glitter, or alchol inks or any of  your little glue and craft bottles. It keeps them upside down so the air bubbles do not come out and ruin your projects. It is handy and stores right on your counter top. So be sure to use the promo code to get your free Dazzle Caddy.  Leave us a comment and tell us how much you love, or want, the Dazzle Caddy
    expires 07/01/2013

  41. I used the Cuttlebug Chicken Wire folder and barbed wire folder on this Father's day card. We raise chickens so I thought this would be the perfect motif for my father's day card. On the front of the card I used the stamp by Penny Black. I love her chicken stamps! (The inside of the card has a gift certificate, so I used the barbed wire folder for a holder to keep the envelope in place.)

  42. Here is the mother's day card I made using the SVG Cut file. I love their flower files

    I love flowers and when I came across these great SVG files from SVG cuts I decided to buy them. They make up really pretty fast and I think are so cute and springy. I have used them on cards and layouts.

  44. Click to Enlarge

    Here are a few napkins that I had fun with. Next time I will try embossing some colored napkins.
    I never would have thought of this idea by Heather Holbrook. She has taken plain napkins and run them through her embossing machine. You can use your Cuttlebug, or Evolution, or any embossing tool you have. I think I may emboss our napkins for the 4th of July, wouldn't it be cute to have some fireworks on the napkins? Not sure if there is a template for that but I am definitley going to look. Also, I have a birthday cupcake folder from Cuttlebug I want to try. The possibilities are endless. How about napkins for a baby shower?? Fun!!! Give it a try and email us your pics 
    These are very easy to do. These are the cocktail size napkins. Using the Cuttlebug, just take the folders and fit them inside the margins of the napkin, in between the layers or if you like, you can just emboss all the way through. 


    Here is a project I really had fun doing. I wanted a fun way for my granddaughter to open a cash gift, and not just hand over the money. I found this exploding purse pattern from Tanya Bell . It was just perferct for a little girl. I have flying butterflys made from Spellbinders Grand Shapabilities, Wonderful Wings butterfly collection, which I just love. I made them out of velum with a little alchol ink dabbed on them and then I added just a tiny speck of glitter on the head of the butterfly. In the center of the purse I added a little nick nack I picked up at Hobby Lobby, it is a little photo holder but I put her cash gift in it. So when she opens the Exploding Purse, alll the butterflys will "fly" out. I think she will love it! If I were to change anything, I would make it a little bit bigger. It is a small purse, but good things come in small packages, right?

  46. I came across this awesome cell phone case to hange your phone right from the outlet, check it out. I think you will love it. It is from Make it and Love it

    This will be my weekend project, I love this, Get directions at the above web site
  47. Craft furniture for scrapbooking,  craft tables and scrapbook paper storage are ways to keep your craft room organized. Whether you are a Jewelry maker with more beads than you know what to do with, or you love Rubber Stamping and just don't have the space to store all those stamps.  How about scrapbooking paper and card making supplies? We have the perfect storage for those products too. Our prices on furniture and desks include shipping so the price you see is the total price at check out.

  48. I wanted to share a cool technique I found in Creating Keepsakes Magazine. Done by Cindy Toby. We spent time on the Oregon coast this summer so I have lots of beach and camp pics to scrapbook. On this layout I wanted the beach and water feel so after accidently coming across this technique I thought I would try it. It uses clear transparency sheets, 2 of them, the ones that used to be used in the over head projectors. Also needed are Alchol inks. I just used blue for the water. All you need to do on this is just drop drops of ink on the transparency then add a couple of drops of blending solution, then put the sheets together and slightly rub them until you get the effect you want. Here is my layout using that technique. I really like the way it turned out.

  49. We have just added a new insert to our product line, they were designed for those sewing enthusiast that want a great place to store thread and other sewing supplies. But is would also be so great for other crafters. The inserts have long narrow cubby compartments. All kinds of uses for this great insert.

  50. Well we finally did it, we upgraded to a new look and feel. We hope it will be easier to navagate, more product image options and features, like this blog. I would LOVE to hear what your opinion is. What you like and what you don't like. One thing that I was not sure on, is the template for our product images are like scrapbook pages, with tape on the image, but some of the images are crooked just a little, just like a picture being taped to a page. (but if you enlarge the pic it is straight) tell me what you think, do you like it?
    We will also be adding some new inserts, so keep checking back on our new blog for new products and ideas. Not just scrapbooking but craft ideas aswell. Have you taken a look at our Craft tips and Techniques page


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