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 Scrapbooking and Craft tips and Ideas, great ideas for  Super Saturday and Ladies craft nights
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Money Gift Book

Here is a Gift idea that is more fun that just a gift card when you want to give cash. It is a Money Booklet, you just "tear" out the money as you want to spend it. It is fun for the teen that really likes to get cash as gifts.
Very easy to do, just cut heavy cardstock or lightweight grey board ( the kind that comes on the backs of tablets or in reams of paper packages), cut just slightly larger than the dollars bills you are using. Decorate how ever you would like, birthdays, holidays or just whatever. Be sure to finish it with scrapbook paper on the inside as well to give it a finished look. 
Then take your dollars and very neatly put them between the top card board and bottom card board and center them. Next, I used clips to hold in place, you can use paper clips or whatever you have but be sure to hold them together tight. I then just glued the left end with hot glue and while the glue was still warm, I smoothed it out and pushed down on the glue so it would catch the ends of the money bills. That's all there is to it. They will love it!

Joy Wood letters

I had our wood cutter for Chandler Creations make me some 12" wood letters, I found a blog that had the JOY letters that she had done but not near this size, and I would love to give her credit but now I can't find her site, sorry. I liked the snowflake letter O, so I had the letters made large and modge podged the scrapbook paper onto the letters. I had to hot glue a block to the back of the J because it was too heave to stand on its own but I think they turned out cute. I used Christmas paper from the My Minds Eye Holiday Glitter collection. I may add some more bling when I get a chance, but just like most of my projects, they are simple, easy and fun to do.

Christmas log centerpiece

Today we made log candles. We found some "nice" looking firewood logs that weren't split yet and cut them to the size we wanted. Ours are about 7" high. Then my DH drilled a hole in the top about 2 1/4" wide. Then we randomly drilled small 
holes around the base of the log, the holes are just big enough to stick a floral pick into. After all the holes were drilled, you can do as many or few as you like, if you like a more full and tight arrangement, then just drill more holes. We just stuck the picks into the holes, we did add a touch of hot glue to the tips to make sure they stayed in place. Fill all the holes with the greenery picks. Once that is done just take a small votive candle and place it in the hole, lite it and burn it until it melts. Now you have your candle part complete. If you like you can glue felt to the bottom of the log. That's all there is to this project. What do you think?

Gold Leafing

This was a technique I saw in Creative Keepsakes magazine that really interested me, mainly because I had lots of gold leaf sheets left over from other projects. It was very simple to do and the results were really beautiful. The picture of the card doesn't look near as pretty as it does in person. The gold really pops and looks very elegant. Give it a try!

Make your Own Personal wood clock

For  Super Saturday Activities we provided the 24" MDF wood clock base and hands and let the ladies do what they do best - Create - the clocks turned out beautifully, and all so different. Here are a couple of examples with just some spray paint and nothing else and then some that were a little more creative with shadowing and highlighting. Each lady had her family name routered into the clock. This was at Christmas time so most were for gifts. (Bulk discounts were offered for this wards Relief Society Super Saturday enrichment meeting.) See other ideas our customers have given us HERE

Wood Monogram Letters

                                       This was another great and inexpensive idea for Girls Night Out or Super Saturday, or any group of women that like to create. This is just a 12"x12" piece of MDF or particle board that was painted then covered with a 12"x12" scrapbook paper, then add a painted monogram letter and add some shadows or ink highlights and you are done. Great look and it can all be done for around $5.00

Wood 4"x4" wood blocks

Here is a fun and easy project,  HOME blocks, and they were fun do to as well. All you need is  4 cubes that are 4X4x4 cut from an 8ft length of wood. I think we ended up doing 20 sets, anyway, we just sanded down the wood then painted the blocks whatever color we wanted to use then picked out scrapbook paper of our choice and cut 4 squares of different scrapbook paper, the squares of paper were cut just a little smaller than the 4X4X4 side of the block. Next we Modge Podged the paper onto one side of each block. (We are only decorating one side) After the paper was in place we placed the letters on the blocks, if you look close on the pictures you can see the large letters spell HOME, then there is also smaller letters that spell out the saying Where your story begins but you can use any saying you like. These letters were all cut out using the Cricut (Chandler Creations now carries a great new product to store your Cricut, called the Tuck Away cabinet) sorry, back to the blocks, after all the letters are in place we just used our creativity and added embellishments to the blocks to match our tastes and home decor. After the blocks were all done, we sanded the edges just lightly so the wood shown through, most everyone liked this finish but some left their edges with the paint on. These are great photo blocks too, just glue on your photos on all sides or just one or two.

Custom Monograms

What a great simple idea from Paper Crafts Magazine HOW TO CREATE CUSTOM MONOGRAMS
1 In word processing program, make large text box and type the sentiment of your choice repeatedly.
2 Type large letter outline over sentiment.
3 Print on cardstock. This was very easy to do by following the directions given by Paper Crafts.

Personalize Ribbon

Here is a fun idea that will save you money when it comes to buying those special ribbons with the sayings on them. Just buy the plain ribbon, Twill and Grossgrain works the best, it comes in different colors but I like the white and natural colors the best. Then use your computer and any word processor or graphic photo type program and type what ever you want with what ever font you like. Then print it out on your paper, this will serve as a guide for placing your ribbon. Now use a non permanent tape runner and run a strip of tape on the back side of the ribbon, this will hold it in place while you run it thru your printer. Take the ribbon and tape it exactly over the words that printed on the paper. Be sure it is straight. Now just print on your printer. This is so fun, you won't have to look for that perfect saying any longer, you just print your own.

Want to MAKE YOUR OWN rub on's?

This is the greatest tip I have read in a long time. This tip will teach you how to create your own rub ons from any computer program and your ink jet printer. Just get a inexpensive sheet of transfer film paper. The cheaper ones work the very best. Go to your computer and pick out some words, or a sentence or a graphic that you want to transfer. Before you print it besure to mark your printer options as the mirror option. Then print out your project. On some transfer sheets there is a rough side and smooth side. Use the rough side if you have a choice. After you print your project, let it dry for 3 to 5 minutes. After it drys place it on the sheet of paper, cardstock or whatever you want to transfer to, face down. Use a popcicle stick and rup it on just like you would a store bought rub on. It is that easy. It works great. And you can re use your transfer film over and over, just clean it off with water or a damp cloth.
Have fun with this one and go crazy with your rub ons!

Here is a great tip from Tim Holz, Creative Keepsakes Magazine, "Learn how you can create your own unique transparencies. First, apply clear packaging tape to patterned paper or cardstock. Rub the paper with a bone folder and trim to the size of your tape. Next soak the taped paper in warm water for 5 minutes. You can then use your fingers to gently rub the paper off the tape, leaving the image behind. After it dries, you'll have a hand-made transparency to accentuate your project." What a great inexpensive way to accent your scrapbook pages or greeting cards!.

Creating Circular Text on your Projects

To create circular text, use Microsoft Word, select Insert, then Picture, and then WordArt. Pick the style you want,Type your sentiment several times in the desired font and point size. Click OK, Once the text appears on your page, click on the sentence, this brings up another tool bar, WordArt toolbar, select the WordArt Shape option and click on the circle shape. Stretch and size the circle as desired. (Tip from Paper Craft Connections)

Micro Bead Scrapbook Accents

This technique has lots of variations and all give a very unique look. The example and layout I chose were for a more rustic outdoors look but it can be done in pastels, florals, solids, with bright inks and colors. So take a look.


Save Money on Embellishments

I heard about a great way to get inexpensive threads, scrapbook wire, embellishment strings etc, the other day, so I thought I would check it out. Guess what?! They were right, go to your local sporting goods store, one like Sportsmans Warehouse, I went to the fly tying aisle and WHAT A GOLD MIND! They have little spools of every color wire you can think of for $.99. They have all sorts of "embellishment" thread, fuzzy thread, heavy texture, sparkly thread, you name it, and it was at least a 15 foot aisle of nothing but great "scrapbooking embellishments", they just don't know it, they use those things to catch fish with, what a waste :)(Sorry, just kidding for those fishing enthusiast) So go take a look at the sporting goods store!

Vinyl Glass Etched Nativity

This idea isn't really scrapbooking but I really had fun with it. I have seen these on the web several places and the instructions on how to etch them using the chemical etch, I have a friend that has a vinyl shop and does alot of custom vinyl for people so she did this with a vinyl that looks like glass etching, so the project only took about 20 minutes and it looks exactly like the etched glass ones. Pretty exciting without all the time cutting out the pattern and using the chemicals. COOL!

Flower Girl Clay Pots Centerpiece

Well in some parts of the county it is starting to feel like spring, others not quite yet, but I wanted to start crafting things that look like they may represent the warmer weather to come. So I tried my hand at these really cute flower pot flower girls.

I painted 2 4 inch pots green then stacking them and adding a wood ball for the head and added the spanish moss to the head then added the hat, these are all glue together with hot glue. For the rest of the piece I just decorated with small clay flower pots and sunflowers. A really easy craft project and a cute table centerpiece. The arms are just pieces of artifical ivy and you can glue them on or drill a really small hole and stick the wire end into the hole and glue to hold, that is what I did. To finish it off I tied a neck bow around the head and glued the whole project to a 4X4 piece of wood. Have fun

Holiday Alternative Gift Basket

As the holidays fast approach most are starting to think about Christmas gifts, there are always those few insane folks that have their holiday shopping done by now, probably done last spring, anyway for those that are a little slower I came across this nice idea from Creating Keepsakes magazine. And the part I liked the best was the presentation or the packaging. This gift is for the seamstress or person that enjoys needle work but the suitcase is a really cute idea for any type of gift basket. Scrapbooking supplies would be wonderful in such a container. Use your creative side when packaging gifts. Check out their web site for more container gift ideas.

Team Spirit

This was a fun project, I found the SVGfile of a baseball player online at the SVG forum and gave it to my oldest son who makes large 24" wood clocks. He came up with the rest of the design and turned it into a clock for me. I love it and it is my grandsons team colors. I think he will like it.

Birthday board

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